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Start fast. Scale high.

We accelerate the time-to-market of corporations.
We get new ventures and brands off the ground.

We design, build and scale the new ventures and brands that will fuel your next growth cycle.    

  • Digitally-powered services and platforms  (new digital service models or platform-based businesses)
  • Digital Native Verticals Brands (online selling of physical products or a mix of products and services)
  • Sleeping beauties (identification and re-launch of projects with disruptive potential that haven’t yet found the right concept, business model or sponsor)
  • Alternative routes-to-market (digital or phygital distribution channels). 
  • Fast-track international expansion (international scale-up executed with digital entrepreneurs methods)
  • Underexploited data assets (data monetization through non-core business models)

Venture excubation is about “externalizing the incubation” of new ventures and brands. 


A perfect fit

Excubation allows you to fuse the strategic leverage of your corporations' existing assets with the boldness, speed and agility of startup management.


From idea to scale

We work together on value proposition ideation and screening, product prototyping, offer and brand design, business modeling, top management recruitment, launch setup, takeoff and international scaling.


Lean joint teams

Together, we form a lean and mean venture-building team made of Fast-Uppers and members of your own teams (current executives or new recruits with the right entrepreneurial mindset). 



We give the venture all the autonomy it needs, whether it relies on the parent company or not. We choose on a synergy-as-a-service basis, and only tap into the parent company’s resources if it represent a competitive advantage. The venture team reports exclusively to the CxO, the ultimate decision maker. 


"Gates-based" stages

The project is staged in “gates”, from ideation, go/no go, dry launch, full launch to international expansion. While speed is of the essence, we refuse to take any shortcuts on the fundamentals. At every gate, we either fail fast or keep on moving. When the time is right, we make sure the venture is successfully re-internalized.


Fees & skin in the game

Fast-Up Partners provides high-level, high-quality, hard-to-find resources. We charge a fee for our work but, as our name states, we act as partners and leaders, not as consultants. We want to align our interests and share the risks and rewards. We build in an incentive for success and co-invest whenever possible.

Our excubation teams bring all the relevant skills and are led by experienced entrepreneurs.

Business Strategy
Data Analytics
Finance and Business Modeling
Logistics and Sourcing
Value Proposition and Brand design
Marketing Activation
Growth Hacking
Go-to-Market (E-commerce, Omnichannel, MLM...)
International Business Development
IT Architecture
Tech Development
HR/ Recruitment
Admin/ Legal Company Setup

Some of our excubated ventures at a glance.

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Limelife by Alcone. 

Beauty MLM Brand in Joint Venture with the L’Occitane Group

 May 2016: L’Occitane’s majority stakeholder teams up with us to create a new brand based on a digital sales model in Brazil.
► January 2017: we start staffing a team in Brazil to build our business for which we have formed a joint-venture, owned by L’Occitane and Fast-Up Partners.
► April 2017: the JV has grown beyond Brazil. Our launch team has identified Limelife by Alcone, a US company, which owned all assets we needed for launch. Hence, L’Occitane acquired Limelife by Alcone.
► September 2017: We operate the Global roll-out of the business, together with the management of the US company. The JV has grown far beyond Brazil.
► September 2018: the business has been deployed in 5 new countries, with 8x-digit monthly revenues.
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Bic Shave Club 

A new service business model, launched in France then expanded.

January 2016: following the success of the Dollar Shave Club in the USA, Bic asked Fast-Up Partners to design and assess the opportunity to launch a similar subscription-based service model in Europe. We delivered a full go/no go package which included the design of the full consumer value proposition, business plan, organizational structure and profiles. 
► April 2016: the Board was now fully prepared to make the launch decision. We led the kick-off in partnership with a newly formed internal team which then took over. 
► March 2017: launch in France
► January 2018: launch in the UK after a successful year 1 in France.

"We build growth engines on calculated bets.
Not crazy gambles that would leave us all in debt."

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