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Fast-Up Partner’s Seelk, the leading Amazon agency, is acquired by Webedia

Paris, May 24, 2019 – Created and developed by Fast-Up Partners, the French company Seelk, expert in marketing solutions on Amazon, joins the range of services and technologies offered to brands and e-merchants by the Webedia group.

In 2016, Fast-Up Partners transformed its Fast-Up Commerce activity into a fully-fledged company: Seelk. In order to further develop this business, Fast-Up Partners hired Raphael Guedj-Pignol, a former Amazon employee, as CEO/co-founder of Seelk and Benjamin Pipat (creator of various start-ups after graduating from the prestigious Polytechnique engineering school) as CTO/co-founder. The company experienced rapid growth, driven by the need of major French and international brands to master the specificities of various marketplaces, particularly Amazon.

Seelk provides consulting services and an SaaS software suite to optimize brand presence and performance on Amazon. Seelk identifies brand growth opportunities in Amazon’s various product categories and recommends Retail-Media strategies to its customers, including Seb, Bic, Crankshaft and leading international hygiene and beauty brands.

In less than two years, Seelk became a leader in supporting brands and merchants within the Amazon ecosystem in France.

The sale of Seelk by Fast-Up Partners and its associates, which followed the completion of the LimeLife launch with L’Occitane, confirmed the effectiveness of the Excubation model developed by Fast-Up Partners: more than ever, the success of companies depends on their ability to act and deploy quickly in order to implement new concepts for growth.

Powerful synergies in content creation and digital media buying 

By joining Webedia, the company will maintain its own governance while benefiting from strong synergies with the Group’s activities aimed at optimizing e-commerce sales and brand media investments.

In particular, it will collaborate and create joint offers with Webedia Brand Services and its Quill entity, which specializes in the creation of content for e-merchants, in a performance-based approach, with ultra-fast production capacity and international deployment in all languages.

Seelk will also be able to partner with Tradelab, the leading independent programming platform in France and a subsidiary of the Webedia group, which offers substitution and enhancement solutions for DSP systems in order to optimize the efficiency, quality and intelligence of digital media purchasing. Together, the two entities will develop a joint strategy to support brands with their media and data investments with Amazon.

A vision for rapid international development 

“Our expertise is based on the creation of entrepreneurial solutions to accelerate the growth of our clients, large groups and mid-sized companies. Increasing sales on Amazon is a major growth opportunity. That’s why we created and developed Seelk with Raphael and Benjamin. We are convinced that Webedia is the best possible partner for Seelk to continue to grow in Europe,” says Charles Tonlorenzi, co-founder and CEO of Fast-Up Partners.